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I am vegan. I also love food. I love to eat food, cook food, serve, photograph, write about, talk about, share and generally enjoy food. Someday I hope the myth that vegan food cannot be delicious, satisfying and wonderful will be completely dispelled. (Maybe this blog can work toward that goal.)

My aim is to share, with anyone who wants to read, a wealth of information about cooking and living vegan. Mostly I’ll be posting recipes and photos of dishes that I enjoy cooking. As a vegan on a budget, and a college student, most of the food I write about will be money and time-conscious, but hopefully I will present a wide variety of goodies.

For now at least, I’m going to spare everyone a long-winded explanation of why I feel so strongly about veganism. If you have found this, you probably have motivations, feelings and reasons of your own. Please though, feel free to ask me specific questions.



My name is Megan. I am vegan. My name is one letter off from “vegan,” and, though they are pronounced with different “e” sounds many clever individuals have made rhymes about “Megan the Vegan.” Most of them annoy me, but one notable exception is Propaghandi’s cover of the song I Want You to Want Me, in which they sing about a Megan the Vegan. (Sample lyric: “Megan/she don’t eat bacon/she’d never kill a sweet little innocent piggy to get bacon/she’s one of them vegans/she’s a sweet-lovin’, sweet-talkin’ lovable vegan…”) I think this sums me up pretty well. You should  really listen to it.



  1. I’m a vegetarian who went vegan for a week and still count it as the most miserable 7 days of my life. But I’m excited to have someone show me how to properly eat like a vegan so I’m not miserable and maybe, just maybe, will enjoy cruelty free food.

    • vegangerms said

      I hope so too, Laura! Definitely feel free to ask me questions as the blogging starts up.

      • vegangerms said

        Oh, and trust me: It really isn’t miserable. It’s all about getting into a routine and thinking about food and cooking in a new way.

  2. Evan Minsker said

    I’m actually a vegetarian. If it wasn’t for a few dairy items, I’d probably go whole hog (pardon the expression) and be vegan. Alas, it’s going to be a long (if ever) before I finally give up cheese.

    Anyway, excited to read more blog posts. I’d like to know some awesome, quick vegan recipes.

  3. Sarah said

    Megan! Your mom sent me the link to your site and I am super excited about it. I have several vegan cook books at home (how I came to obtain them, I am not sure, since I never bought them) but a lot of the recipies are very time consuming and I have been looking for quick and easy recipies to get me started with this whole cooking thing. Mom is very grumpy about this switch from veggie to vegan– all I hear about is how much everything costs more. (By the way, don’t ever point out that it’s partly because the majority of people eat crappy foods.) So I’m favoriting your blog and I’m going to check it frequently, so you better keep it updated or I’m coming up to Chicago and make you update it!

    Love always,
    Your cousin, Sarah

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